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After graduating from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in 2002, I, Dario Vigorito, morphed myself into a production company envisioned as a nameless business unit identified only by numbers: 241247, suggesting a manufactured non-identity.  Producing videos, digital art, web and poster designs, that used generic, low budget advertising aesthetics to critique the concept of a ‘life style’.


241247 continues to be a sort of anti-advertising branding machine and its official commercial portfolio can be viewed here.


More empathetic than cynical, the work always aims to connect our real lives to the world we find ourselves in. Perhaps this explains why the action of the cut serves as a means to connect.


My editing, camera operation, design and production skills were employed in collaboration with video and performing artists. Touring as a key member in live projects by video artist Chris Cunningham (2006-2011) and art rock band Selfish C**t (2005-2011) helped to shape my work especially in understanding the way in which music and live performance interact with moving image; and how time and key signatures could be used to shape meaning in moving image work. The immediacy and transience of the live, touring show in music venues and arenas and the audience engagement that rock, punk and dance music inspires, has had a radical impact on my ideas about how to show moving image work and how to reach new audiences.


Out of these experiences I formed The AEKNOWN (2012), a creative collaboration originally staged with performing artist Martin Tomlinson. We created performance works mixing electronic beats and samples  with live video editing. Tomlinson singing lyrics that smashed together high street shop talk with high finance language. We toured extensively and eschewed releasing songs as the intention of The Aeknown was as a collaborative art project with punk-rock sensibilities. 


More recently, I set out on my own for the first time as a moving image artist with the desire to develop content focused on current events and to experiment with moving image installation. I continue to be interested in engaging new audiences. My desire to liberate the image from its hermetically sealed containment is on-going.  

Dario Vigorito, London 2022

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