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Creative Direction : Ferdinando Verderi

Campaign Lense : Tyler Mitchell

Editing: Dario Vigorito 241247

A vision of beauty and elegance that celebrates our timeless bond with Florence, the city where Salvatore Ferragamo laid the foundations for an incredible journey of craftsmanship and creativity. Our founder was inspired by Florence’s heritage of excellence and mastery, through the splendor of its Renaissance art and the humanistic representation of man as the measure of all things.

Since the dawn of the Renaissance, Florence has pulsed as a crucible where intellectuals, artists, scientists and musicians meld their diverse knowledge.Thanks to the groundbreaking patronage of the Medici, the city transforms into an expansive stage birthing an experimental community. Artist studios and academies, charged with vibrant fervor, emerge as epicenters of creative alchemy. From these Florentine depths rises an eclectic ethos, sculpting novel paradigms of beauty and morality. These same values are the pillars of Ferragamo’s vision whose ethos intertwines with a modern symphony of creatives – from creatives directors and photographers to artists, sound designers, and scholars. Together, they forge a dynamic community, shaping a multifaceted tapestry of contemporary artistry and thought.

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