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Ubernaturlich Super Natur 

A Soundscape by 

241247 & Trish Lyons  

Created for an exhibition by Cristina Cojanu  

as part of /Cut Season at gallery Schleifmühlgasse 12 -14  

Wien, Vienna (July 19-30, 2016).

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 10.17.50.JPG

A major Austrian timber company that supplies DIY stores across Europe has been accused of destroying Europe’s last remaining virgin forests in Romania by sourcing illegally logged timber.“It’s devastating for Europe’s last virgin forest and the communities that depend on them, but also for legitimate foresters throughout Europe.” The Romanian government raided Schweighofer’s sawmill in Sebeș earlier this year and has already publicly said it found accounting irregularities in the recording of timber quantities and sourcing, and that it suspected timber there was from illegal sources. 

Adam Vaughan, The Guardian, October 21, 2015      

Excerpts from Baba Cloanta by Vasile Alecsandri 

read by Dana Grigorcea

Additional text from Die Irsinn, Die Häftlinge

by Thomas Bernhard  

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