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Creative Direction : Ferdinando Verderi

Campaign Lense : Alex Da Corte

Direction: Emily Okuda 

Editing: Dario Vigorito 241247

A campaign by Alex Da Corte starring Scarlett Johansson to celebrate the Prada Galleria

Echoes and reflections - the glass of fashion. The Prada Galleria handbag, an eternal Prada icon, is celebrated alongside an icon of popular culture, the internationally acclaimed actor Scarlett Johansson, bathed in vivid, expressive color by Venezuelan-American artist Alex Da Corte.

In the Galleria campaign, Johansson transforms constantly, framed and reframed by a sublimation of the everyday, translated into pure color. Color is innately synched to emotion, universally evocative of feelings. And, similarly recollective of collective experience and memories, there are shadows of poses, attitudes and situations we recognize - and, in turn, Johansson’s own global fame is reflected, enhanced and resonant in these images.

As this Hollywood icon is transformed and recontextualized through color, so is the Prada Galleria, its silhouette a canvas for an exploration of shades and patterns. Here, the Galleria itself serves as a unique mirror, of the transformed world that surrounds it.

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