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241247's creative collaboration and assistance to Avant-garde director and artist Chris Cunningham backdates to the early 00's. Please see below a series of key projects:

Chris Cunningham Live

Audio-visual show and world tour 2008 -2011

A fifty-five minute performance piece combining original and reworked music and film. It featured remixed, unreleased and original videos edited together into a continuous piece spread across three integrated screens. The sound accompanying these images included Cunningham’s first publicly performed compositions interspersed with his remixes of other artists’ work.


Director / audio-visual editor / Composer : Chris Cunningham

Director assistant / editor : Dario Vigorito 241247

Production / Management : Ray Hearn

Projectionist : Jonathan Bond VISIONMILL

Sound engineer : Martin Harrison

Laser and SFX specialist : Ryan Hagan ER PRODUCTIONS

Gil Scot Heron "New York is Killing me" (AV remix) 

Three channels video installation 2010

Originally developed for the Chris Cunningham Live shows, this piece recorded with the late Singer /Songwriter/ Poet Gil Scot Heron, was eventually reworked and presented as a three channels video installation at The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City in September 2010


Director / audio-visual editor : Chris Cunningham

Director assistant / assistant editor : Dario Vigorito 241247

Producer : Lia Mayer - Sommer WALTER PICTURES

DOP : Ofer Bar

Commissioner : XL recordings

Grace Jones Collaborations 2008 - 2010

"DEVIL INSIDE " Dazed Cover feature photo shoot  (2008)

"WILLIAMS BLOOD"  Audio Visual remix and exp. 2008 - 2010

The collaboration with Grace Jones begun with a Dazed and Confused magazine commissioned Cover feature which Grace aptly defined as an "Anti-fashion" Shoot. The great and joyous creative connection we experienced that day on set, naturally developed into a series of video experiments based on Chris's remix and re-recording of the song "Williams blood" from Grace's album"Hurricane".

These experiments were  presented as part  of the Chris Cunningham live shows.



Photography / Retouching  : Chris Cunningham

Photographic Retouching: Rob Bliss

Director Assistant : Dario Vigorito 241247

Make up: Terry Barber 

Producer : Sylvia Farago FARAGO PROJECTS


Director / AV composer / Editor : Chris Cunningham 

Director Assistant / editor / Exp 2 producer : Dario Vigorito 241247

Make up: Terry Barber

Exp 1 Producer : Jim Wilson 

The Horrors "Sheena is a parasite" feat. Samantha Morton

Music Video (2006)

Audio Visual remix (2010)

The music video for  The Horrors song " Sheena is a Parasite" (Polydor, 2006) features an extraordinary and breathtaking performance by award winning actress Samantha Morton. This was further highlighted and explored in the long form Audio-visual remix of the same track ,presented as part of the Chris Cunnigham live shows.



Director /  Editor : Chris Cunningham

Director Assistant : Dario Vigorito 241247

Inferno artist : Rachel Mills

Producer : Jim Wilson


Director / AV  Editor : Chris Cunningham 

Director Assistant / Editor : Dario Vigorito 241247