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Prayers for  a civilization of memories lost memories bulldozed

dreams steamrolled by cement mixers communities bulldozed by town planners.

Sites of creativity and abundance cement rolled into tasteless voids of soulless cultural cemeteries.

Prayers for the clubs we prayed in and metamorphosised in.  The playgrounds of our youth demolished by the pursuit of greed with no regard for the soil of our communities. Prayers for the isolated and abandoned.

Prayers for the i phone glued self obsessed book less children in digital debris of images upon images upon repetition of themselves

Prayers for the steel fortresses of commerce where the young sweat away their youth.

Prayers for all the musicians, movers, sculptures artist music lovers that shaped our town and cities into universes of wonder with no regard for profit but for the love of man and joy

Prayers for the reckless abandon and folly that ignited the night skies and made the barren bloom.

Prayers for the fat cats in slick city suits making fortunes off our abolished dreams sitting vacant across at their vacuum packed wives that dream of escape from the banality of there soul drenching gilded cages.

Prayers for the bulldozers children sniffing cheap ketamine up off the floors of the homogenised culture where all roads lead to a check out on oxford street

A prayer for us who remember and witness the damage and still dare to dream and protect and pray for the sacred

Pray for the calculating bastards that milk youth and all there joy in pursuit of profit and gain.

Pray for spitalfield market and all the fakes that have no idea of truth and beauty ( yet )

God bless brick lane and the east of london that has been sucked dry by developers of the rag and bone sellers that sold us our wares and sprinkled magic and joy at our feet

Prayers for all the little children who are being educated into pocket calculators and think nothing of career and business as a souls means to an end. God bless those who steal our dreams and repackage them in the nuclear. god bless the bastards in cheap suits flicking there quiffs scoring deals on city real estates and tucking into an oven ready meal and while masturbating over lord sugar. God bless them and pray for us all.

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